Homeschooling: What About the S Word? (Socialization)

When people talk to me about homeschool, the question that almost everyone asks is, what about socialization? If you are reading this because you are thinking about homeschool, I’ll be honest with you – the socialization thing is a challenge. It’s a challenge in a good way, though. I’ll explain more what I mean byContinue reading “Homeschooling: What About the S Word? (Socialization)”

Adorable Crafts for Books: The Very Hungry Caterpillar (FREE Pattern!)

Your child will love making this cute craft with you! Includes free pattern!

Children’s Picture Books About Slavery

This is a collection of excellent read-aloud stories for young and old. Most of them are true stories and give a lot of insight into the lives of enslaved people in America. Follow the Drinking Gourd by Jeanette Winter I love this story! Tells the legend of Peg Leg Joe who helped lead slaves toContinue reading “Children’s Picture Books About Slavery”

Teach Your Child to Read the Easy Way! Start Here: Learning the Code

You CAN teach your child to read! It doesn’t have to be hard or painful – with a few good tools, it can be easy, and even fun!

Learning About Pioneers with American Girl Kirsten, Part 4: The Dakota Native Americans

An important part of the story of the pioneers is the story of the Native Americans that lived in the land before them. In this lesson we will learn about the Dakota natives that lived in the Minnesota Territory before Kirsten and her family arrived.

American Girl Kaya Part 2: Nimiipuu Food

Learn about the way Native Americans got their food and how they cooked. Free lesson plan full of fun hands-on activities for learning about the Nimiipuu tribe!

Learning About Pioneer Life with American Girl Kirsten Part 2: Pioneer Food

Learn how to make Swedish pioneer food just like Kirsten would have eaten! Includes instructions on making butter!

Learning About Colonial America with Felicity Part 4: Clothing

Some of the early colonists were puritans and were known for their plain and somber style of dress. But not where Felicity lived! In the Virginia colony, people loved fashion! They imitated the latest styles in England and they liked to wear fancy and beautiful clothing, shoes, accessories, and wigs. The wealthier colonists imported muchContinue reading “Learning About Colonial America with Felicity Part 4: Clothing”

Learning About Pioneer Life with American Girl Kirsten Part 1: Immigrating to America

Learn about American Girl Kirsten’s journey to America as an immigrant from Sweden. Free lesson plan with fun hands-on activities!

Fun Hands-On Activities for Teaching Kids About Magnetism

Most of us have experience playing with and using magnets. But did you know all materials are magnetic to some degree? What we actually call a magnet, however, is a material that has a strong enough magnetic force for humans to feel. But what exactly is that force? Where does it come from? If youContinue reading “Fun Hands-On Activities for Teaching Kids About Magnetism”