How to Teach Your Child to Read the Easy Way! The Fun Way to Learn the Vowels – FREE Printable Activity!

Once your child has gotten the hang of reading short-vowel words, you can start teaching her all the different ways long vowel sounds are represented. But first, she needs to know what vowels are so she can be on the lookout for them! Here’s a fun little song and activity that you can use to help your child learn the vowels.

Old McVowel

Help your child color and cut out the vowel animals.

Have him put the vowel animals on his fingers (you can either tape little loops of paper to the back of the animals, or just tape the animals to his fingers. Alternatively, you can glue the animals to popsicle sticks – whatever works!), then sing “Old McVowel” with him (to the tune of Old McDonald). This is how it goes:

Old McVowel had a vowel A E I O U And one of those vowels was an A A E I O U With an a-a here, and an a-a there Here an a, there an a Everywhere an a-a Old McVowel had a vowel A E I O U

Repeat the verse with each vowel, and have your child stick the right vowel animal up or wiggle it as you sing about it. Do this every day until your child knows which letters are vowels! Once your child is familiar with the vowels, you can practice in the car, on a walk, during bath time, etc.. Doesn’t get easier than that!

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